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Life History Notes:

COMMON NAMES: Hybrid striped bass, Wiper, Sunshine bass

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Morone saxatilis x M. chrysops

IDENTIFICATION: Hybrid striped bass are a silver deep-bodied fish, similar to white bass. Stripes along sides and back are distinct, usually broken, with several extending to the tail. Teeth on the base of the tongue are arranged in two parallel patches.

RANGE AND HABITAT: The hybrid striped bass is created by crossing a female striped bass with a male white bass. They have been stocked into reservoirs and rivers throughout the Midwest and southeastern United States. Hybrid stripers often use open water habitat, and are more tolerant of warmer water than striped bass.

LIFE HISTORY: Hybrid striped bass generally cannot reproduce. They usually occupy open water and prey on gizzard shad. They can often be found by watching gulls circling and feeding on the water. This happens when schools of hybrid striped bass herd gizzard shad to the water’s surface where the shad are easier to catch. Hybrids are fast growing fish that are hard fighters when hooked.

ADULT SIZE: Hybrids often weigh between 1 and 5 pounds, and range from 12 to 22 inches. They may grow to 16 pounds in Ohio.

FISHING METHODS: Hybrid striped bass will bite live baits, including shad, nightcrawlers, and soft crawfish. Live baits should be fished near the bottom. Jigs, jigging spoons, and crankbaits are good lures for casting. Trolling with large deep-diving crankbaits can also be productive.



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